Reassurance after going to the ER

This has been a cause for concern for us.  At our family home in Ashdod, Arya’s ear had become infected and he had a slight fever. It was difficult for us to assess the risk of inflammation because Arya is in a difficult situation anyway in that his oxygen levels often drops.

That’s why coworker Lena and I made our way to Sheba Hospital Pediatric ER. Here the doctors quickly did some tests and then gave the ‘all-clear.’  With appropriate medicine for Arya, we were able to drive back to our home in Ashdod.

But before that, we quickly said hello to Arya’s Kurdish friend (on right above), who was admitted for his treatment a few hours ago.  He happily shouted “A, A,” meaning Arya, and ran towards him. How nice to see the two so happy together. May God be with both of them in the future and heal them.