Recovering in the care of his grandma

At Sheba hospital today, Ezzeldin’s grandmother proudly brought me over to his bedside to show me her grandson after his surgery yesterday. She lifted the covers to reveal his tiny and very white body, covered in plasters, tubes, and cables, all of which are helping and monitoring his recovery from the operation.

She is patiently waiting for him to recover, and optimistic about the return home. She is a friendly lady, and as Ezzeldin, or as she calls him, “Ezz,” was sleeping and intubated, she was able to leave him for a bit, keen to support others in the department.

For example, she went to chat with a mother from Gaza who’s baby was in a catheterisation. She also joined a group of Kurdish mothers for a happy lunch time; we sat on the floor altogether and had a makeshift picnic, each delighted with the company, despite not having too much shared language.div>

Please continue to pray for Ezzeldin’s recovery.