Recovering nicely from eye surgery

Leen is now back at our Shevet home in Jaffa. We have all really missed having her and her mum here.

She has been quite sleepy throughout the day before arriving home, but finally in the car journey to Shevet, we started to hear a little voice counting out “wahad, tnayn, talata.” (Arabic for 1,2,3). Leen’s trademark phrase!

By the time we got back home and her mum had cooked her some food, Leen was feeling very much back to her usual happy and sociable self.

She is behaving very sensibly about her eye, which she is not allowed to touch., Thankfully she doesn’t seem at all distressed or in any pain.

We are hoping by the time she has her check-up and three week’s time, her eye will have healed very nicely.