Recovering strong

Today,  coworkers Tatiana, Margarita and I visited Brwa at Sheba Hospital. It has been a week since he came off ECMO, and has been stable since. His mother told me with a smile that his fluid levels are diminishing and wetting his diaper so that’s a good sign.  Her biggest joy was to see him open his eyes.  I do not speak Kurdish, but you do not need any language to communicate this kind of joy.

Brwa’s doctor said medications for pain and sedation have been discontinued. When I came into the hospital room, Brwa not only had his eyes open, but was looking around the room curiously. Thank you Lord for blessing him with a good recovery.

Today, also in Sheba Hospital, another child from Kurdistan had a diagnostic cath and his mother was in the waiting room too. Brwa’s mother, sitting right next to this other mom, gave her calming words of encouragement because she was in the same place herself two weeks ago, patiently waiting for the seven-hour long surgery to be finished for Brwa. It is a beautiful thing when God sends someone who can truly understand what you are going through.