Recovering well; some time needed

Cute little Nadeen was moved over the weekend to a general floor of the Children’s hospital building on Sheba Medical Center grounds.

Today marked ten days after she had her stomach surgery. When I visited her and her lovely mother today, she was wide awake, on the lap of her mother, looking at me with her beautiful eyes.

I asked her doctor today how she is doing and he said overall she is recovering really well. There is a small infection around her wound and she developed a fever during her time in the ICU. They are treating it with antibiotics and are planning to remove her sutures from the wound in the coming days.

Nadeen is receiving her food not via a Nasal Sonda anymore, which is really nice, but is able to drink milk from the bottle. Praise God for this progress. The doctor said though that Nadeen will need to stay in the hospital at least until the end of this week, as she still needs some time to recover fully.

Nadeen’s mother is really looking forward to going home, since she has other children at home, but she also just wants the best for Nadeen. Please keep praying for little Nadeen and her mother.