Recovery after his surgery

Today, three days after his surgery, I visited Sarjon in the Pediatric ICU at Sheba Medical Center. I saw his mother from afar, waving at me through the windows of his room. I hurriedly put on the covers that are supposed to keep the room sterile to finally see Sarjon. Very slowly he woke up after his anesthesia; he was moving back and forth. You could also hear him murmur softly from time to time. How nice to see him again after the successful surgery!

The doctors told me that he still had a slight fever this morning and they had run tests to rule out bacteria as the cause, but the results weren’t out yet. In addition, Sarjon receives medication for the pain.

Thank God, doctors were able to reduce the oxygen support and are basically very optimistic about Sarjon’s condition. God willing, Sarjon is continuing to make progress in his recovery and may soon be transferred to the secondary ICU. It’s all in God’s hands, in whom we trust.