Recovery for Aya the brave

Aya has been moved down into the Pediatric Intermediate Intensive Care Unit today. Happily for me, this means that I was able to visit her. She was able to offer a weak smile, and showed me some photos of her previous days in the ICU, and orientated me around her various plasters, cannula locations and so on.

She later had a task of blowing through a tube, (creatively adapted to inflate a glove) to help strengthen her lungs. She rose to the task bravely and without complaining, despite being in some pain.

I was so impressed with how well Aya is handling her time in the hospital. The nurses seem to be enjoying her company as well, of course! They told me that Aya had her chest drains removed today, and hopefully after a few more days and some close monitoring, might be able to return home to our Shevet house.