Recovery going well; surgery successful

This morning we headed to Sheba Hospital anticipating a day of joy having spent time as a community praying fervently for all the children we love and care for. In addition, we had other Mum’s and children to facilitate and ensure that their procedures were facilitated as smoothly as possible.

First port of call was to visit Meera and her mother. Meer had open-heart surgery yesterday. Previously her Mum informed us this was the seventh open heart operation that Meera had experienced.

We were delighted upon being informed that the doctors were very pleased with Meera’s recovery and no additional interventions were required after this surgery.

What delight and gratitude we all feel that Meera’s surgery had gone so seamlessly without compli-cations. Having reviewed her medical stats, we left thankful and grateful to Jesus for his love and care and went to follow-up with the other Mum’s and children in hospital. A busy day but a day to celebrate life, a gift from above for each of us every day.