Recovery is slow for Ziad

When I entered Ziad’s room at Sheba Medical Center, his mother was standing at his doorway. I could hear him quietly whimpering inside. She gestured for me to come in. I saw Ziad’s tiny frame lying in the crib. He was moaning for water. His mother proceeded to explain that previously he had been able to eat, little by little, but two days ago he vomited and since then has been fasting as his body slowly adjusts to his stomach surgery. He is only allowed a few syringes of water a day.

Today, he had been awake since three in the morning, whimpering and crying; his mum was by his bedside comforting him, though he was only consoled by the syringe of water she gave him, and after it was finished his crying would resume.

It’s hard to know exactly what to do for them. I wanted to help or make it better for Ziad and easier for his mom, but I couldn’t. I could only converse and try to encourage her. In these circumstances, all you have is time, time to stay with them to show they aren’t alone, that you love them and do care for them. I was blessed today because of the way the appointments worked out. I could be with them for longer than usual.

Please pray for Ziad, that God would work in his body to make it possible for him to eat and drink and get prepared for his second stomach surgery which will be in a few months. Please also pray for his mom, just practically, that tonight she and Ziad will sleep soundly and wake up rested to face another day.