Reem is a Fighter

Today there were not any new developments with Reem, save that a blood test showed she has bacteria in her blood, but not what kind, and she is currently on antibiotics. Her mother is eager for news, but is enduring the waiting with hope. Today she and the one of the amazing nurses in the ICU at Sheba, had an exchange about Reem’s temperament. “I want her to wake up!” Mom said. “Me too, said the nurse, just not right now!” Of course it would not be good if the sleeping medicine wore off it and Reem became conscious, but her mother wants to see her awake again, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we eagerly await seeing Reem’s personality, though I daresay we have already known much of it through this time. She’s a fighter, her mum said. And the nurse replied, “Yes, that’s a good thing.” We see Reem cling to life in the same way her mother clings to hope. And Psalm 25 tells us that, “No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame.” We’re trusting Jesus with her life; whatever He does, we know the hope of the resurrection is not a  hope like an ember, easily stamped out by a traversing wanderer or extinguished by the slightest breeze, but a tested and tried hope. We see the nail marks in our resurrected King’s hands to show us this is real.

Before I left, Reem’s mum beckoned for me to come to the end of her bed: she had written encouragements to her daughters: terms of endearment and her hope that Reem will have the best in her life. Perhaps what is so striking about this is that Reem’s mum took what was in the deepest depths of her heart and wrote them down as declaration of hope.