Regaining strength

It is a joy to see Maryam regain her voice and her strength. It always makes my heart happy to hear her voice call my name from her balcony, and then walk into my arms for an embrace. Mimi is incredibly intelligent and is so lovely. She loves the beach, and asks often to visit the beach.

Today she was dressed beautifully in a red dress for the hospital. When we left the house, she sweetly asked if we were going to the beach. Sara and I said that we could go to the beach later. When we started to approach the hospital, Maryam started to get more nervous. She often develops car sickness and vomits. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the hospital, her beautiful dress was soiled.

Maryam had a cardiology appointment at the hospital today. Her mother gently comforted Maryam throughout her echocardiogram. After playing with toys and being held by her mother, the doctors were finally able to perform the test. All the nurses and doctors love her. One very kind person even brought Maryam a gift, which was perfect for today — a new, beautiful pink dress. Praise God for his provision, and for a fresh change of clothes. Maryam later explored the hospital and smiled beautifully for this photo below.

Praise God for her smile.

The cardiologists would like Maryam to stay in Israel for the next three months, for Maryam to regain strength and for her pulmonary arteries to grow in order for the surgeons to completely repair her complex heart.

Praise God for her mother’s sacrificial heart. On the way back to the house, Sara mentioned that she was willing to wait for however long it was needed for Maryam to be well. She truly loves Maryam and hopes for Maryam to flourish.

Maryam will have another check-up in 3 weeks. Please pray for Maryam to gain weight, strength, and joy. We hope that both Maryam and Sara will feel loved and welcomed here. Please pray for a peace especially for Sara as she continues to be away from her husband and family; that she would have a peace that surpasses all understanding.