Please pray for Rohat. He has fluid around his lungs and therefore his oxygen dropped low at Sheba Hospital today. He is reintubated now.  His mother is really tired and worried. I understand just a little how she must feel.

Today, the doctors said the Corona test for Rohat was negative. That was good news, but they still don’t have the results of the other swabs they took on Sunday. They’re hoping to have them by tomorrow.

Rohat’s mother is a very lovely and unusually funny woman who likes to joke around a lot. These past weeks really haven’t been easy for her, as she is still in Sheba hospital and Rohat is not improving yet. Therefore her mood isn’t always the happiest, but in everything she keeps having a lovely attitude and is never unfriendly. She is spending the night in our community home in Jaffa to take some rest and eat some Kurdish food with the other families at the house.

Prayers for her to remain strong and courageous are appreciated.