Rejoicing for Birhat!

It is a happy update to write after today’s cardiac appointment for Birhat: he has been cleared by the doctor to return to Kurdistan! Praise God that he has brought Birhat’s body into health. What a transformation!

I can’t forget seeing him when he first arrived in Israel; he spent days at home so unwell with a cold and was on oxygen. There was one particular episode I remember where he began to cough on some of his secretions, and his body became so distressed as he was unable to breathe properly. His little blue body struggled, as his oxygen levels dropped. Thank God this was over in a matter of seconds.

I also remember getting the phone call from the hospital to say we needed to bring him in for surgery. It was a joyous time of hope for his mum. Thank God for his faithfulness in healing Birhat.

Today, the doctor said that Birhat’s heart is looking good. He will need another surgery and/or catheterisation by the time he is 5 years old. This didn’t dampen his mother’s spirits, and as we left the room she squealed with happiness and broke into a little dance. It was so good to be able to share this happy time with her.

Thank God for Birhat’s healing, and also for the blessing we have had of meeting him and his joyful sweet mother.