Rejoicing together

Little Mariam was finally able to breathe without a breathing tube. Her aunt joyfully shared this news with us. Co-worker Alena and I rejoiced with her. It is so wonderful to see Mariam awake, seeing her surroundings.

Mariam’s aunt has been kind to the other moms within the context of our Jaffa coastal home, supporting them with words of encouragement. It is beautiful to see the community of support the families from Gaza have created. Coworker Alena and I were able to pray with Mariam’s aunt today, praying for not only Mariam but the other children as well. We were not too sure how she would respond, but after we prayed she thanked us and we warmly exchanged a hug. We have loved getting to know Mariam’s aunt and to see her smile.

Please continue to pray for Mariam as she recovers and for the joy of Mariam’s aunt to flourish.