Yesterday Taman had a cardiac appointment which Taman’s mother was expecting would result in the good news of her being able to return to Kurdistan. As Julio wrote in the previous blog, Taman’s Echo yesterday showed a development of fluid around his heart. Taman was started on a medication to reduce this effusion. The cardiologist requested another Echo for the next day, to ensure there was no rapid increase of fluid buildup.

After she returned from the hospital yesterday, I found her in tears. She was worried for her son and sad that she could not return home just yet. However, she wanted what was best for Taman.

Today we set off to the hospital for his cardiac assessment. Taman always smiles through the various tests and brings smiles to those around him. His mother patiently waited and prayed his assessment would bear good news.

The cardiologist explained the cause of the fluid, and that this buildup of fluid occurred often around this time after a surgery. As she learned more about his heart, we could notice the relief in her face…that it was not her fault for her son having this fluid around his heart. We pray that during this waiting time, Taman’s mother will find relief in knowing that God is in control. We trust God because his timing is always perfect, even though sometimes we may not understand why certain events occur at specific times. We find rest and relief in knowing Christ.