Relief and calm

written by Berith

Today I had the opportunity to go to Sheba Medical Center where I met Mohammed and his mother. He had been moved to the secondary ICU and will probably be discharged to the Shevet home tomorrow. I loved to see the relief in the face of his mother that the cath finally is over, and she tried to show us that the curve on the machines he is wired to, says he is doing well. It was wonderful to feel the calmness that she expressed during our short visit, because if she is calm, I’m sure it effects Mohammed too, and makes his healing process shorter.

Looking into his little smiling face with those beautiful, sparkling eyes just a couple of days ago, made me realize that he feels loved, and that helps a lot when you are going through the deep waters.

Please keep praying for all the children, but don’t forget their families, because they really need it.