Remain peaceful, not to stress

After three catheterizations and one surgery, Khonav was very ready to receive her last Echocardiogram today.

She has been complaining about a pain in her chest when she lies down on her left side or right side. Her cicatrix, or the scar of her surgery, is also becoming red she said.

She has also become very stressed because of the long waiting and not traveling back home to Kurdistan due to the corona restrictions.

The cardiologist was very happy to hear Khonav’s heart and said the SHUNT and all the work they did on previous caths and surgery were giving its fruits and good results. She was also impressed by Khonav’s pink skin color; it used  to be very dark blue when she first came to Shevet eight months ago. Her saturation was also high.

The cardiologist asked that Khonav and her mom not become stressed or too worried about the chest pain as this is  normal after the surgery; bones and muscles are taking their place and will recover.
Khonav asked if she could play football. The Doctor said yes, and asked her to walk and do exercise every day as well.

Khonav may need to visit her Doctor after one month when she returns to Kurdistan. Please keep praying for her to have peace and trust that God has everything under control.