Remodeling of Left Ventricle

Today I talked with the doctor and nurses about the postoperative progress of Sila. Last post-op echocardiography revealed no more narrowing of her Aorta anymore. What good news!

However, Sila’s SpO2 showed only 93%, so I asked why. The doctor said, her left ventricle (LV) is not strong enough because there was the huge burden of pressure traveling to it before surgery. Now the burden of CoA (Coarctation of Aorta) is gone, so the LV is free of burden and is now gaining its strength. To help LV, infusion of medication included inotropic and diuretics to lessen her heart burden.

Therefore, he expects the SpO2 detected on her extremities, will be higher now than gradually. This means her heart will grow stronger, enough to push fresh blood to her feet also, God willing.

We know the remodeling and recovery are not exclusively human works, but are also God’s provisions of grace, granted to us and we’re thankful. We pray for fast remodeling of LV of Sila’s heart.