Responding to Treatment!

Reem is starting to respond to treatment!

Two days ago, the news was grim… increased medical intervention as her condition seemed to worsen.  Our praying community rallied in fervent prayer, claiming spiritual victory in the life of this child. Today, I found that Reem was still peacefully sedated and sleeping,  but requiring less medications for her lung pressures.  It’s a long and slow process— but progress nonetheless!

Mom reports that yesterday’s echocardiogram showed that Reem’s heart was fully developed— a huge concern previously— and doctors believe that it will function well, once the high lung pressures normalize. Mom was encouraged today by a message from Lucy, her sponsor, and by listening to a prayerful song that Lucy sent.

Today, I feel that Isaiah 52 is real and applicable:

How lovely on the mountain are the feet of them that bring good news— good news! Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness: Our God reigns, our God reigns!