Resting in His Perfect Will

5:00am, I lay awake in a small room 9 floors above the bustling city of Erbil. In silent prayer going over every possible scenario in my head for what this next long day of travel will bring. Will the families be on time? Did I remember all the travel documents? All the medical equipment? My task for the day seemed overwhelming, so this was my prayer: God, I don’t know how to get these sick children to Israel, I am not qualified, or experienced enough so I pray that you would make it clear today who really rescues these children, please show you mighty hand.

My inadequacy became obvious as soon as we arrived at the airport. Mina was an hour late and the other child was even later. There was no way that both families would make the plane on time. Mina was the first to arrive, so I began to go through security with her and her bags, when I noticed she DID NOT HAVE HER PASSPORT! Inexplicably, we had gotten through security without her passport. This immediately got the attention of the head of immigration and passport control in the airport, so she quickly ordered the plane to wait an entire hour for us to sort the passport problem and for her to find out how we had gotten through. Mina’s mother got her passport, the delay allowed the other family time to arrive, and everyone made it on the plane with time to spare.


And this was only the first hour of the trip! Now that Mina is safely in the hands of the world class doctors a Sheba hospital, please pray with us that her healing would be complete.