Return Home

Praise God for the gift of good health in Saida’s life. After waiting for such a long time, we were told today that Saida has been without a temperature for over 48 hours, and is able to come back home to stay here with the other families.

Some other good news is that the cardiologist said his echo from today showed that his heart was looking very good, and continues without pericardial effusion, which the mother has been worried about.

As Moshe and I arrived at the hospital to collect Saida and his mother, we were greeted by the brother of Dliza, who also has been in the hospital for quite some time. As always, he was extremely cheery, kind and helpful, carrying Saida’s bags down to the car, and even returning the ICU card upstairs, all with a beautiful brotherly attitude.

Thank God for lovely Saida’s safe return from the hospital in excellent health.┬áPlease pray that he continues to be well and that he and his mother can return home soon to Kurdistan.