Return to Israel

Ana, who arrived last night from Kurdistan, had a consultation for her cleft palate repair this morning! This lovely girl was at Shevet last year for heart surgery and has returned for a surgery to correct her cleft palate; her mum speaks very good English (she told Rahel and I that she was learned primarily through films) and is a very sweet lady. Ana is a quiet, endearing little girl with a big personality, so she is always a joy to be around.

While we waited to see the doctor, she and her mum were so patient, but when we went into the room, and the doctor examined inside her mouth and ears, she became inconsolable. The exam only last¬† two minutes, and the moment mum held her, Ana became calm again. As we were leaving Ana’s mum picked up a Hebrew magazine, and said ‘I want to learn!’ I’m so thankful for Ana and her mum! They are blessing to have at Shevet.¬† Please pray for God’s favour over the date and time of Ana’s surgery!