Return to Israel

Asmeen has returned to Israel after two years of being at home in Kurdistan. Asmeen was in Israel before, as you can read in the blogs below. She had a long process of recovery after her heart surgery, which ended in receiving a tracheostomy.  She left Israel after nine months, escorted by two of Shevet’s gracious volunteers.

Asmeen has returned now because of her kidney problems and for the removal of her tracheostomy. Her mother is again with her and she is a lovely woman. She went back to Kurdistan three days after I arrived in Israel as a volunteer. She is talking about the previous volunteers that were here. She loves them all so much, and I can imagine that they loved Asmeen’s mother a lot as well.

Please pray for Asmeen, that her time in Israel will be shorter this time, and that everything will go smoothly. But above all, that she will be healthy before her return to Kurdistan.