Return to Israel, and sudden collapse

Our dear Alaa from Gaza was rushed back to the hospital tonight by ambulance after experiencing fever, cough and pain in the wake of his heart surgery two and a half weeks ago.

It was our coworker Amar who worked for hours and insisted on getting Alaa out of Gaza tonight, despite reluctance from the authorities and even from Alaa and his family. And thank God that he did, for on arrival it became apparent that Alaa was in severe distress. The staff treated him diligently, quickly and with kindness.

But while receiving medications in the ER Alaa suddenly collapsed, and was rushed into the “shock room” where doctors worked for 35 minutes to resuscitate him after his heart stopped. This appears to be the result of an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. As a last resort doctors finally connected him to an ECMO device, which removes blood from the body, oxygenates, and then returns it, thus allowing the heart and lungs to rest.

Alaa is now in the cardiac ICU in stable but very difficult condition, and very much in need of our prayers for his salvation.