Return to original plan

I love seeing Marya smile. She often is very expressive, and sometimes I wish I could understand how she sees the world. Marya ventured around the cardiac unit, climbing onto the train and other play facilities. It made my heart happy to see how active Marya is, and how she is able to run without feeling tired easily. I remember the day when she was discharged from the hospital after the surgery, she was smiling even then.

Last week, we were all surprised and thankful at the thought of Marya not needing a diagnostic catheterization to evaluate her pulmonary pressures prior to her return to Kurdistan. We thanked God for this news.

Today, the echocardiogram revealed that she was recovering from the surgery well, but as according to the original plan of a diagnostic catheterization, it is still necessary for this catheterization to take place. This is necessary, as the pressures in her lungs are still high and the cardiologists also need to evaluate the residual of her ventricular septal defect.

When we told the father this, he remained calm and at peace. I called for another translation, as we were not sure if he understood that his daughter needed another procedure and was not going home just yet. Again, he said he understood. It was amazing to see how he would be willing to do whatever for his daughter’s health, even though he is missing Marya’s little sister and his dear wife. He has patiently waited in Israel for so long, even at the possible risk of his job as a Pashmerga soldier.

We thanked God again for Marya’s health, and we hope to be thankful to God in all circumstances.

The diagnostic catheterization is planned for this Thursday. We hope that her father, Awat, and Marya, will soon be reunited with their family.