Returned to Gaza

Salma is a beautiful, serene fifteen-day old girl from Gaza. Her heart is incredibly complex, and I think it was only by God’s provision that Salma was able to receive care in Israel.

She was relying on a medication to keep her Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) open, but by way of a catheterization, doctors were able to place stents in her PDA to keep it open and allow for the circulation of oxygenated blood to her small body. Praise God, she recovered and responded very well to the procedure. She was discharged with medications.

One of the medications which helps prevent blood clots developing in her stent, was not readily available at the major local pharmacy. It was not possible to obtain until a few days later. One of Salma’s relatives drove all the way to the border to deliver this medication for Salma.

Our neighbor Moshe kindly brought Salma and her mother from the hospital to Erez Border Crossing. They navigated many challenges, but praise God that Salma was able to return to Gaza. The doctors would like her to return in a month for a follow-up visit, and possibly later in life, she may need a surgery.

Please pray for their time together in the quarantine house, which is mandatory for all returning to Gaza. We look forward to seeing her soon.