Returned to Gaza until check-up

This morning I arrived to Sheba Medical Center with Zakaria and two other families that needed to come to the hospital for appointments. Co-workers Carina and Moshe met me at the entrance and collected them for me so I could park the car.

This was the day for Zakaria’s needed Gastroenterology consult. Thank God that our neighbor Moshe was in the hospital today to help us with a lot of things and went to the appointment with the lovely mother of Zakaria and little Zakaria himself. Our little patient was quiet and peaceful during the whole appointment. Sometimes he showed his cute little smile.

Zakaria’s mother told the nurse that there was some leaking in his feeding tube (peg) during the night. The nurse was very friendly and kind and helpful with everything the mother wanted to know.┬áLater, the doctor recommended that food intake is reduced during the night when there is a leak because maybe the reason for the leak is that he is receiving too much food at night.

Cute Zakaria has a small inflammation at the site of the feeding tube or peg. The nurse recommended a specific ointment for treating that. All the medical staff in the hospital who know little Zakaria and his friendly mother, were so happy to have seen them today.

We found out that Zakaria’s mother has an impressive Hebrew vocabulary since she had to spend such a long time in the hospital with little Zakaria. After his appointment was done, Zakaria’s mother was asking if she could go to the mall in the hospital because she wanted to get some things for herself. So she went and I took care of this precious little boy. After a long hospital day, we returned to the Erez border crossing to bring them back to Gaza. There we waved them off, knowing that they will come back in two months for a follow-up.

We look forward to the lovely opportunity of seeing them again. Please continue to pray for this precious little boy and his lovely mother.