Returned to Kurdistan

Beautiful Khanda and her grandmother returned today to their family back in Kurdistan after being cleared to go back two weeks ago. They stayed these extra two weeks with us as the grandmother of Khanda wanted to wait for Maili’s mother and travel with her. They traveled to Israel together and have come to be good friends. Since their arrival, they’ve gone trough a lot together and it was nice to see how much they appreciated each other. The one didn’t want to leave without the other.

This past weekend we had a nice farewell party for Khanda. We gave them gifts, ate delicious food and watched their personalized video. We make a video of collected photos and video clips for each of our children when they are finished with their surgeries and are ready to go home.
The video acts as a blessed reminder of all they went through and of the friends they made along the way. Khanda’s video showed the beautiful healing story of what God has done in her life. Khanda’s grandmother was very happy about the video and shared how thankful she is for the hospital, for Shevet Achim and for God. It was a lovely evening.

The following day, they went to the beach with us before they returned. We had a great time together. These past two weeks were really enjoyed in having beautiful Khanda and her grandmother staying with us. They brought a lot of joy during the days. We already miss them a lot. But we are very happy for them that they can be reunited with their family back in Kurdistan now. It was a privilege to meet them and spend the time here with them.

After two weeks upon their return to Kurdistan, little Khanda will need a follow-up assessment in Kurdistan which may show if she needs a catheterization or not. Sheba hospital said Khanda’s last echo indicated there might be a small chance she will need this procedure. So please pray for protection over this little girl and her grandmother as well. We love them and we will always have a smile on our face when we think about them and the time we had with them.