Returning for a check-up

Hassan and his mum came from Gaza for a cardiology appointment today at Sheba Hospital. They were extremely punctual arriving outside the Erez border crossing as the first of four families who would come out today. The family seems to take the health of dear Hassan very seriously, as they left their home very early in the morning, bearing under the freezing cold February rains of Gaza.
Hassan is growing in confidence each time we see him at the hospital. During the waiting time, one of the nurses even had to usher him back to his mother, as she sat chatting with the other mothers. He had found his way over to play with another child in the echo area; thank God that he can be living such a normal life, after his multiple difficult surgeries and recoveries in hospital.
Hassan cried a lot during the echo, but the doctor declared at the end that although complex, his heart is looking well.
They needed to wait for us to order and collect one of his medications (Clexane), and then wait some more for a car to be available to bring them back to Gaza.
So Hassan was able to enjoy himself on a ‘merry-go-round’ on the hospital groounds. It is special to be able to see him enjoying himself so much.
They have been invited to return for a check-up in one month.