Returning to Gaza through a forest of green

I was glad to pick up Hassan, the “little parrot”  (as I call him) and his father and take them from Hadassah Hospital to Gaza. We had two other children from another hospital with us, so the vehicle was full of new hearts kids.

I call Hassan “little parrot” because he was talking all the time in the car, “Papa papa.” I think Hassan knew he was going back home because he did not stop babbling and smiling all the way.

Actually it was my first time to drive from Hadassah in Jerusalem to the Gaza border, and Google maps took us through an amazing new route through the Jerusalem forest. You can see it from space as the green area in the middle of the country:

Hassan’s father and the other two moms and of course me were so amazed by the beautiful gift that God gave us to see his creation.

As soon as we reached the border the return was not very complicated, praise the Lord. Due to the corona virus crisis the border officer have to check everyone’s temperature before they cross. And finally they were all so happy to get through, then the usual “Yalla, bye or ma asalama (go with peace).