Returning home

It seems the time has rushed past since Sunday, the day Shadi died. His mother has been doing her best to draw on the loving support of the other families at the house, all the while interspersed with heart wrenching comments, such as, “How will I sleep without Shadi?” and being unable to contain her tears of grief.

Today, Shadi’s mother began her journey home, with Samem and his mother travelling with her. They have become very close friends, and Samem’s mother determined that there was no choice but to fly back together; they have become family.

Shadi’s mother bravely faced the day, leaving the house where she had last held Shadi behind, and holding up well during the long airport check in. The airport staff were very kind to her, and did their best to ensure that they were supporting her through the procedures.

It has been a big blessing to know Shadi and his mother. As we sat together at the airport, our hearts were thankful together for the gift of eight months of Shadi, to which his mother was quick to add that these past two months in Israel have also been a beautiful time.

We will continue to remember Shadi, the boy who loved everything, and to pray for his sweet family.