Returning to Gaza for a month

Everything lined up for a smooth day today with Hassan. Unexpectedly, he was discharged by the cardiologist relatively early in the day.

The cardiologist was very informative, and told us that Hassan has been helped well by his two Cath-eterizations, both performed here in the hospital during Hassan’s visits with us. He explained that Hassan has a problem of thrombosis and that during the Catheterizations, they had been able to dilate his pulmonary vessels, which had been occluded. They were also able to place a stent, to hopefully help keep this sweet boy’s health in a reasonable condition.

It is very important that Hassan is able to continue receiving two daily injections of a medication to help his blood flow well around the body. His mum is doing these injections, and is a firm advocate to en-sure Hassan has all the medications and appointments that he needs. It can be difficult to get two of his medications in Gaza. Thankfully yesterday, the Sheba hospital staff and my co-worker Alena had worked hard to ensure that we can supply the necessary medications, and have them available and ready today.

The extra sweet piece of news extracted from this day, was that the cardiologist doesn’t need to see Hassan for another month, which means that today they were able to return to Gaza. Mum couldn’t believe the news at first and was so happy to know she could return to her family tonight.

Thank God for Hassan’s shortest ever hospital stay, and for His protection over Hassan’s life.