A child in need returns to Israel

Gabriel’s family are part of the ancient Assyrian Christian community living in the plains outside Ninevah (Mosul) in northern Iraq. They had to flee their home with the invasion of the “Islamic State” in 2014 and have since returned to rebuild their lives.

Gabriel came to Israel for his first surgery in May 2018, and was with us for five months as doctors struggled to overcome accumulation of fluid in his body. Recently he’s been struggling again with the same issue, and we’re bringing him back urgently for further evaluation and intervention.

Just one week before Gabriel will arrive in Israel, Dr. Walter Bauder from South Carolina went to be with his Savior on September 9.

He was a sensitive and caring man, who was always looking for ways to help people in need. His children feel that it would honor his legacy to support Gabriel’s care. You may click here to send a memorial gift.