Asmeen’s mother is a dear friend of mine. Ever since meeting her in 2021, we have stayed in close contact. It has been a blessing seeing her family grow. It brings me joy to think about all the photos and videos she sent me over the last few years – seeing Asmeen explore the outdoors, learn how to stand up on her own, how she progressed to breathing independently without ventilator support for the last nine months. With multiple complexities to her health including heart, lung, and kidney issues, it’s amazing to see her transform into a beautiful 3-year old. Asmeen’s mother also bravely traveled to Israel, only 18 days after delivering Asmeen’s little sister. إيناس (Asmeen’s sister) has a joyful smile and it has been encouraging to see photos of her growth.

I am saddened for her knowing that she dearly misses her daughter, but thankful that she is here as she is so knowledgeable of Asmeen of her health. Asmeen’s mother is not afraid of advocating for her care and ensuring that Asmeen is receiving the best care. They have been in Israel for more than a year, if you consider both trips. Asmeen’s mom has not only learned a vast amount of medical knowledge but also language skills as well (not only multiple dialects of Kurdish but also Arabic, English, and even Hebrew). She was a blessing in connecting me with the other mothers there, and you could easily tell that she cared about them.

At last, today was her long awaited surgery and thankfully the procedure was successful. She took her time in waking up from the anesthesia, but almost immediately woke up when we played Gorani children’s songs on her beloved phone. She is currently recovering with supplemental oxygen support in the ICU which is in a downstairs car garage for safety concerns. We hope to welcome her to our home soon.

Next week she will also have a pediatric contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography to examine her urinary bladder and tract to help detail her kidney plan of care. We are thankful that it was able to be scheduled quickly.

Please pray for Asmeen as she adjusts post-surgery. We hope that she will soon be reunited with her family in Kurdistan.