Reunion with Adam

Yesterday when someone told me that Adam was going to have an appointment, I was really happy to see him and his mom again. I remembered he was another miracle that I saw; he was a emergency case and thanks to the Lord his case opened the doors with Hadassah hospital. Today was his first follow-up in that hospital after his surgery. When we arrived to the border my heart was very eager to see them again. I was a little sad because Svea wasn’t with me in this moment. Because for us Adam and his mother are so special and important in our hearts.

I got out of the car and I gave a big hug to mum and I helped her with the bags. On our way to the hospital, mom seemed so tired and worried. But she is so brave and beautiful. She told me that Adam only smiles to some people not to everyone. So this was my challenge. I really wished to see him smiling. When we arrived to the hospital they performed an echo and vital signs. Adam was looking at the screen and also to his beautiful mom. I started to play and talk with him and he gave me a beautiful smile. I was really happy, mom and me smiled at each other. The doctor came and told us that his echo was fine, his surgery was good, but he has high lung pressure still. The doctor stopped some medication but increased one. He needs to come back in three months. After that we  went to another room and waited for around three hours for his next appointment with his surgeon.

Adam is really sweet, smart and a beautiful boy. Today was a really long day for us but thanks to the Lord we had a beautiful time with them. I was very thankful Mr. Suhail was with us and he could help us with translation and my mother also could be with us. She also enjoyed her time with our little Adam. I know that God can continue to make the miracle in his life and God also can fill his family with peace and hope.  Please pray with me for that and for healing completely.