As colleague Alena wrote previously, Halbast has spent most of his time in Israel at the hospital. I remember sharing the news that Halbast could finally return to the Jaffa base, and his mother brimming with joy at this news. These last few days, Halbast and his mother have enjoyed the company of the other families staying at the Jaffa base, two other families in particular, both from the same city back in Kurdistan. It has been lovely seeing them enjoy time together.
We hope that Halbast and his mum were able to rest these last few days. Halbast was scheduled for a couple more blood tests and cardiology assessments. He had a blood test today, which he and his mother bravely endured. Halbast’s mother is always so patient and kind in caring for Halbast.

Halbast’s blood reports showed both improvement and new findings that needed to be addressed, but the cardiologists were able to adjust his medications. They want him to repeat a blood test in a few days.

Please pray for Halbast and for his mother, for rest and strength to continue during these next few appointments. We praise God for Halbast’s improvement thus far. We hope that Halbast and his family will be reunited again, soon.