Rohat visits ER; admitted to Sheba

Little Rohat was having some difficulty with his feeding and breathing while still in quarantine at our Jerusalem Guesthouse which became more acute during the evening on Friday.
Coworker Jonathan and I brought him and his worried mother to the Sheba Pediatric ER at about 7:00 Friday night, where Rohat was given thorough and immediate care in every quarter.

They began with a blood test to determine the existence of a possible virus or bacteria causing some respiratory distress,

followed by an ear and throat exam, a chest x-ray, and an IV drip containing sugar and salt was ordered as an electrolyte restorative measure.

He was then wheeled away to the intermediate ICU.

There, they gave Rohat a nebulizer to help with his breathing, set up the IV and would watch him around the clock, which they began doing the moment we arrived:

We are thankful for a caring facility in Sheba Hospital that responds in a state of readiness toward those in need whether by day or, in this case, by night.

Please keep little Rohat in your prayers.