Roster’s first assessment

Roster has so much character. On the way to the hospital this morning, she spent the journey waving out the window at the other cars. I was really struck by how expressive she is. She manages to tell you so much in her face, and her little mannerisms.

Eventually, after a long wait, Roster was called in for her first assessment. Almost immediately she exploded into a storm of tears. Together Julio, the nurses, her mother and I tried everything – “baby shark”, bubbles, a lullaby, walking round the room with her, making faces, complete silence – eventually she started to calm down and her beautiful smile returned. Everyone in the room breathed a huge sigh of relief as everything went quiet.

We had another long wait together after Roster’s assessment. This time, Roster and I explored the waiting room. She is really inquisitive and enjoyed looking at the playground, the pictures on the wall and, of course, Joela blowing kisses. Two other Shevet families were waiting at the same time. It was really nice to have our little community in the waiting room, talking and sharing fruit together.

We were told tonight, that Roster will probably need a surgery, but the medical team need to discuss tomorrow to confirm if she is suitable for this. Please pray that she will have the treatment she needs, and God will be with this special family during their time here.