Rovar is making new friends in the hospital!

The day started very early for Rovar. He had an appointment in the morning with his doctor. After a short meeting the doctor said he is very contented about his wound – it is healing very well.

From then on Rovar and his mum were happy and had new motivation to wait for the EEG, which was planned for the afternoon. In the Time between Rovar made many friends in the hospital. He is such a joyful and peaceful child. Doing a puzzle with a staff member, sharing a muffin with Christiane, giving me a overwhelming hug when he saw me!
Rovar brings so much happiness to the people with his behavior and patience he motivated me to do the same even if I‘m in periods of long waiting or difficult situations.

Then it was time to get to take the EEG in another building where a car took us. Rover was waving at the buildings to say goodbye and his mother and I just enjoyed this short trip. In the EEG area we met a lovely Doctor and the doctor and Rovar became friends pretty quickly because they share the same taste in music – Korean music! In moments like this I‘m so thankful for God and His way of building relationships and sending distraction from all the stuff  that is going on. He is the one we can always count on and He will make a way for us. While Rovar had his EEG, his mum could rest a little bit and in this situation the song “Rest In You“ came to my mind.

“Our hearts are restless
Until they find rest in You
This is where my hope lies
This is where my souls sighs
I will always find my rest in You“

In God I can find my rest and He is the one who gives me new strength every day. So my prayer for Rover and his mum is to find rest in our awesome god. Through all the time in the hospital, the waiting, the tests, the surgery, they are able to find God in all of it. I have hope that the results of the EEG will be good so that Rovar can have his second surgery in the beginning  of December.