Rovar’s consult meeting


Rovar had a consult meeting with his neurologist today, and going into it I had no idea how this was all going to work out. We needed a list of things from this doctor, like two prescriptions and we also, and this is the biggest piece, needed a translator for his mum who speaks both Kurdish and Arabic. When we got to the department, I checked us in at reception but the letter we usually use to pay for meds, this time, needed an extra signature. I went to an office I had been to only once before and there were a few women in the room. One of them, Raghad, came back to talk with the receptionist. She knew Georgia and also Rovar’s mum, and once the payment letter was sorted out she returned to her office. We were sent to wait outside the doctor’s office when Rovar’s mum suggested that the woman who helped us could be a translator, so I went back to ask her and she was more than willing to help! We waited maybe ten minutes before our number was called and we were sent in to the office, so I gave her a call and she was there shortly after. In the time we were waiting the doctor said he could not write prescriptions, that we would have to track down the doctors of the departments from which they came and have them write one. But as Raghad came to translate, and Rovar’s mum got to ask all of her questions, the doctor had said to Raghad in Hebrew that we needed prescriptions. After the meeting she told us that she knew who could help and would get the prescriptions! Both Rovar’s mum and I audibly breathed a sigh of relief after everything was finished. And we celebrated by going to the soft play area which Rovar loves!

I’m still in awe from how God worked everything out today, and my cheeks hurt from all the laughing we did at the soft play area as Rovar flung himself over the different obstacles yelling, “Hulk smash!” Or “Spiderman!” (Hence the blurry pictures). In my human strength and wisdom I dreaded what potentially lay ahead this morning, but God in his grace and mercy made everything that was impossible with me, possible because of Him.