Run to the Father

When I saw Marya today, I couldn’t believe she’d actually had her catheterisation procedure yesterday. She couldn’t keep still for a minute, trying to climb on anything and everything. Although discharged this morning, Marya had to wait for the other admissions before she could go back to Jaffa. It was so much fun spending this time with her.

I love her so much; I love her curiosity, I love her energy, I love her beautiful laugh. I really love how much she adores her dad. There was a moment today when I was playing with her and she suddenly saw her dad. In that moment she forgot everything else and just wanted to run to him. She makes me think of when Jesus said “Let the little children come to me…the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. I can just imagine Marya, in her beautiful bright pink tracksuit, running into Jesus’ lap at full speed.

Jana taught us a new song in the meeting this morning. The chorus kept going round and round in my head today and it seems to fit my picture of Marya running to Jesus:

My heart needs a surgeon
My soul needs a friendĀ 
So I run to the father
Again and again and again

Jesus calls us to become like children – like Marya, running to Him again and again.

Please pray that Marya and her dad would know the love of our Father God during their time here. Pray for their family back home as they are separated at this time.