Rushed to Israel on Shabbat Eve

On his second day of life, newborn Ahmed’s parents rushed him to the hospital in Gaza after noticing he was blue. He spent nearly the next month in the ICU, waiting for someone to help him get to advanced medical care in Israel.

We heard of Ahmed this week, and waited all week for space to open up in one of the hospitals which performs heart surgery. Finally our friends at the Sheba Medical Center made every possible effort and opened up a free ICU bed on Thursday afternoon, just as everything was closing for the weekend.

Yousef and Amar though kept pushing and arranged for Ahmed’s transfer on Friday morning. Moshe reports that he and Frank were at the hospital to meet him:

Ahmad came today, and while we stayed outside as the nurse organized his room, we met his aunt, who looked worried.  About hour later, we entered his room:

Ahmad was there, lying peacefully, everything calm. Before Shabbat there are just a few people available in hospital, and  his room was peaceful and quiet.

The nurse said he is stable hemodynamically, and he is not eating except for an IV. They hope his surgery will be on Sunday.

Please pray that God will bless his time in Israel and keep him healthy, and that he will grow to be happy child.