Rushed to surgery on short notice

When we entered Hadassah Hospital today we were surprised to find Soso’s room empty. We learned that she had been taken on short notice for her urgent surgery. Two days before she had been in a stable condition, but then the pressure on her lungs became too high so they had to operate to reduce the blood flow on her lungs. Also her aorta was widened at one point.

Her grandma was tense. She looked up every time the department door opened. The surgery was completed successfully after about four hours. She was really delighted that it all went well.

Almuth and I spent some time with her and Grandma Lia. We met a music therapist who is singing for the children and joined her in singing for Soso. In the end we thanked God for the successful surgery. She is now recovering from this operation.

She still has a long way to go because of her multiple heart problems, but we put her into the loving arms of our heavenly father.