Sacrificial care

The diet changes related to the fluid in his lungs has been a challenge for Halbast. In addition to the virus he is dealing with, he has often refused to eat. The doctors have decided to start feeding him through a nasogastric tube that can transport a solution to supply him with nutrition. This is hopefully only a temporary intervention, until he recovers and starts to feel better. There is still fluid in his lungs, but this has improved. He still requires a chest tube drainage system to help remove this fluid.

When Halbast’s mother was asked how she felt about staying in the hospital, she replied that she was tired. It has been a month since her arrival to Israel. She shared how she has been in the hospital for most of this time, and that it is difficult not understanding the languages spoken around her. Yet, she replied that it was all worth it for the sake of Halbast’s health. She said that though she was tired, all she wanted was for Halbast to be well.

I admire her selflessness, and her care for Halbast. Even when she was in Kurdistan, she sacrificed her sleep to give Halbast his medications or to care to his every need. Please pray for Halbast as he recovers from the fluid in his lungs in addition to a respiratory virus. Please pray for his sweet family as they patiently wait for his return to Kurdistan.