Safe arrival

This evening we picked up our “new” child Mohammed and his mother from the airport in Tel Aviv. They had some delays because it was difficult to find the right suitcase, but after some time we could finally spot them coming out of the airport. Both of them smiled so much and seemed to be very happy to be with us. After a first hello, Mohammed showed us his phone and we could see that he was calling the father of Lalo, a child from Kurdistan who was recently treated here and returned to Kurdistan! It was so surprising and heartwarming to see how he cared for our new arriving passengers and how Shevet is creating families somewhere we aren’t actually working! When we arrived at Ashdod in the family house another resident mother was immediately taking care of them, starting a conversation and showing them the house a bit. We are sure that the women will get along very well and we are very looking forward to Mohammed’s and his mother’s time here with us. We’re thankful for their safe flight and that they could finally come to Israel. Please also pray for both of them to make themselves at home in Ashdod, and for Mohammed, that his treatment here will be successful.