Safe arrival at Hadassah

This afternoon two-month-old baby Masah arrived via ambulance from Gaza in the Pediatric ICU at Hadassah Medical Center. Since she has Transposition of the Great Arteries, it was really urgent to get her to the hospital soon. Thankfully she and her mother arrived safely and they were directly taken care of by the doctors and nurses. Transposition of the great arteries means that the two main arteries, the aorta and the pulmonary artery, are switched. For this reason Masah needs her surgery as soon as possible. Thank God she can have her surgery already on Sunday. Until then, they will do more tests and prepare her for the surgery.

We are glad that Masah’s mother is also looking really fine. Even so, it must be a hard time for her, she seemed okay and really independent all by herself to me.

Please pray for Masah, that the doctors can treat her effectively and she can be healthy again soon. Let’s also pray for Masah’s mother who might face a very difficult time from now.