Safe at the end of a scary day

The paramedics rushed Maryana to Assuta hospital across the street, where with oxygen support and medication, the doctors were able to stabilize her. Maryana’s mother was absolutely incredible the whole time. She didn’t panic, even when her daughter, limp and very blue, was taken from her arms by a stranger. She just stayed calm, followed every instruction given to her, and waited patiently for news from the doctors.

Once Maryana was stabilized and the chaos was beginning to settle a bit, the doctor in the emergency room turned to me and said cheerfully, “Okay so she’s from Kurdistan, what exactly is she doing here?” It’s always a little hard to explain to someone who’s not familiar with Shevet, but the doctor took it all in stride and was excited for the opportunity to call the head cardiologist at Sheba, where Maryana was scheduled for her first appointment this Sunday.

We waited several hours at Assuta for an ambulance to come transfer us to Sheba, where the pediatric ICU was preparing a room. Thank God, Maryana was feeling much better by then and was content to snuggle on her mom’s lap and show me videos of her family at home in Kurdistan. She was intrigued by the IV line in her arm and thought it was pretty funny to give her mom “shots” with the end of it, and was just a little disturbed that she couldn’t fit her shoe over her oxygen sensor.

At the end of a long day, an ambulance arrived and brought us to the ICU at Sheba to a room ready and waiting for her. Maryana was not especially pleased with the situation, and made the cardiologist work extra hard to get good echo images.

Some medicine to sedate her and a few YouTube videos helped, and she finally settled down to sleep, which meant her exhausted mother could get some rest too.

Maryana needs surgery soon to repair her heart defect so she will not continue to have episodes like this.

The cardiologists will meet on Sunday and discuss her case, and afterwards we will have a better idea of the next steps for her. Please pray for her and her mother as they settle into life in the ICU and wait for surgery.