Safe in his mum’s arms…

Once again our beautiful Rovar had to revisit the hospital for one of his least favorite appointments: a blood test. Even though he did not become friends with the procedure, he stood through it bravely.

Still courage wasn’t the only thing he and his mum needed for this day. They also needed an incredible amount of patience which, without which this day wouldn’t have been possible. After the blood test, the discussion of the results was delayed and we had to wait for a long time. Rovar and his mum took this waiting time and made the best out of it, which led to hot chocolate and cookies in the waiting area. The time was also filled with a happy Rovar running around and exploring this unknown part of the hospital.

Finally the doctor arrived but the waiting wasn’t finished. Rovar needed a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin had decreased over the last couple of days. This meant more waiting, waiting for the approval for the transfusion, waiting for the blood and waiting for the blood to flow into Rovar.
Rovar and his mum took this wait gracefully and patiently. As we placed Rovar on the chair for the transfusion, Rovar became a little scared again. Tears started rolling down his cheeks but the wonderful nurse looked at him and said “We know each other from the last transfusion. We are friends right?” Her calm and patient way of talking to Rovar made him feel better. As the blood transfusion started, Rovar fell asleep in his mother’s comforting arms. Even though this day involved a lot of scary procedures for Rovar, his mum was always there to comfort him and she made him feel safe enough to sleep.

In the end Rovar was able to smile again. He conquered this hard and long day with strength and love.
Please keep Rovar and especially his condition in your prayers.