Safe with our Father

We had a surprise call today to tell us Marya could be admitted ahead of her catheterisation tomorrow.

On the way to the hospital, she fell asleep listening to the calming music. Once we arrived and she woke up however, it seemed like a different Marya. She had a seemingly endless supply of energy and curiosity as we made our way to the ward, and ran off to investigate her surroundings at any opportunity.

At the entrance of the paediatric ward, there are a collection of little “gnome” characters, with different coloured hats and expressions. Marya absolutely loved these and it was really special to see her looking at them with her dad.

I was really struck by how calm and peaceful Marya’s dad seemed as we were shown to the little hospital room. He stood by the bedside and looked at his daughter with such enormous love in his eyes. It was almost like he didn’t see anything else that was going on, just her.

How breathtaking to think that we have this kind of relationship with God. He looks at us with enormous love in his eyes. We know we are safe in his presence, just like Marya feels the safety of having her father by her side.