Mission impossible, but safely returned to Gaza

Baby Kenan slept soundly amidst his chaotic discharge from Sheba Hospital. The late afternoon quickly turned into evening before we were on the road to Erez Border Crossing which closed at seven.

Kenan and his grandmother shared a hospital room with another Arab family who assisted in almost every aspect of his discharge. When they heard me speaking Arabic to Kenan’s grandmother, the father of this family came over to see what was going on, and then enlisted his wife to write down the directions for how to prepare the medications in Arabic. Once she understood the medicines, Kenan’s grandmother¬† quickly packed up her bags. Then this kind father even helped us bring all of her luggage downstairs and packed it into the Shevet van for us. The last thing he did before saying goodbye, was to make sure I saw the time, it was 5:55 p.m. The border closes at 7 and it takes about an hour to get there from Sheba without traffic. It seemed like ‘mission impossible’ to get sweet Kenan home tonight.

But the Lord really did allow for us to make it just in time. We arrived five minutes before Erez closed. Somehow, during rush-hour, there were no major traffic jams on the highway. Another blessing from God was the guard at the border allowed me to assist Kenan and his grandmother all the way into the security building on the Israeli side. Since Corona emerged back in March, they’ve taken the precaution that no one who isn’t crossing into Gaza is allowed to go that far. But I was particularly thankful that on this one occasion, I could accompany them in. Kenan’s grandmother has said since this morning, when she found out they could go home today, that it was very scary for her to cross the border when she initially arrived with Kenan. It was her first time ever crossing Erez. She asked me this morning to please take care of her because there is so much that she doesn’t know. I told her as we waited at Erez, God was indeed with us, and recounted to her that previously I was never allowed to come inside with anyone else!

Now, thank God, Kenan is back with his mum and dad after his first weeks of life were spent away from them. He will return in three weeks for doctors to check how his heart is working with the stent they placed to treat his Pulmonary Atresia. Thank you for praying for this sweet boy!